2020 Celebrations at Grand Parade

I am so glad that the weather changed just in time for the New Year celebration!

The rain stopped and the temperature went up to +5; It was the perfect opportunity to go downtown with my husband at 11 p.m. to join the celebrations at Grand Parade Square!

I will always remember being downtown Halifax to bring 2020 with thousands of happy people.

I was expecting to see only young people, but I saw so many families with kids and carriages, and lots of people our age!

It was so beautiful to see the diversity of Halifax, and to see everyone celebrating together.

I was also so happy and surprised to see Jennifer Robins on stage as the emcee in spectacular outfits. She did a great job — Bravo Jennifer!

Thank you to all the acts: Maximum Overdrive, Scientists of Sound and Famba for the entertainment!

Lastly, thank you to Mayor Mike Savage for inviting me on stage with the councillors for the countdown and to burst streamers on to the crowds. It was truly a night to remember!

Happy New Year and a very Happy New Decade to all my constituents, and all Nova Scotians!