Announcement by The Nova Scotia Nature Trust about Blue Mountain Birch Cove

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust made an important announcement.
They set a high target for Nova Scotia to reach by 2023. They announced that they hope to double the 15000 and reaching 30 thousand protected land 2023. Chris Surette and Jan La Pierre MC’d the announcement. Chris is a constituent of Clayton park West and has been a great National advocate for Nova Scotia. Chris has met with me a couple of times throughout the years to advocate on behalf of the Nature Trust.

Mrs. Bonnie Sutherland the Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust explained the importance of spending time in nature for our mental and physical health. We saw how important nature is for the well-being during Covid-19.

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust are hoping to raise $20 Million by 2023. They hope to achieve this thanks to the Government of Canada that will be matching 5 times any donation amount. If people donate $100, the Nova Scotia Nature Trust will receive $500.

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust are also proud of their work raising money for the Connector piece of Land (See map below) for our beloved Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lake. They are short of $67000 in reaching their $2.8 Million target to purchase this important piece of land.

I hope all Clayton Park West constituents noticed the back of my Christmas card, it includes information about the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lake. Please take a look at it, and if you are interested in donating the link below is where you can make a donation to our lovely Blue Mountain Birch Cove.

I will be donating, and I really hope many of my constituents will see the value in doing the same.

Donate Online