6th Annual MSVU Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management Program

I had a wonderful time Tuesday evening on Zoom for the 6th Annual MSVU Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management Program.
I was so impressed with the engagement of the attendees, as the meeting was almost two and half hours long!
This was hosted by the Tourism Education Alliance of the Maritimes (TEAM), with 97 people from the tourism industry, post-secondary institutions, as well as many students.
Money raised at the event helps support students in need of financial assistance, recognizing student achievements, along with assisting students with opportunities to further develop in their careers.
TEAM recognizes the valuable position that Tourism and Hospitality Management plays in the development of the Maritimes.
TEAM members made the Zoom event extremely interactive, as they had live entertainment, a balloon blitz, and they also provided networking opportunities for all the guests.
As an MSVU alumni, I hold this university – and its core values – near and dear to my heart. They have always supported their students in an admirable fashion.
Thank you to Jennifer Guy (Assistant Professor, Business Administration and Tourism and Hospitality Management) for inviting me — and for all the hard work she put in organizing and piloting this event in to a virtual event; She received a lot of acknowledgement and compliments from her wonderful team!
We hope the team will be able to hold this event in person next year!