Al Rasoul Islamic Society’s Ramadan Iftar

It was such a pleasure to attend the Al Rasoul Islamic Society’s Ramadan Iftar this weekend.

It was wonderful to see a show of solidarity and speeches from different church leaders, faiths and government representatives.

Imam Sayed Saleh Qazwini, 
who is visiting from Michigan, addressed the crowd with a wonderful message of unity for all faiths. He complemented the sense of inclusion he felt visiting Halifax.

Thank you to Taleb, Housein and Dr. Hassan Reza, who acted as emcee, for inviting me and always making me feel part of this wonderful Muslim family.

It was heart-warming to see so many of the families who I had interpreted for, and the women and kids who ran to give me a big hug; I am so happy to see them doing well and speaking English.

Also, a huge thank you goes out to all the volunteers who prepared such delicious food, especially the best Iraqi Dolma and the exceptional fish salsa!

See you next year.