Alzheimer’s Society of Nova Scotia, toll-free & confidential info-line

Many in our community, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, have had to rework and reconfigure not only their jobs and businesses — but also their lives.

Fortunately, the Alzheimer’s Society of Nova Scotia has found a way to succeed in supporting those with alzheimer’s and dementia, who require both physical and social support, within the restrictions of social distancing.

The Alzheimer’s Society has expanded their ability to respond to calls on their toll-free and confidential Info-line, 1-800-611-6345.

For those with dementia who live alone, the society has recommended you ensure that you have adequate supplies, practice social distancing and maintain your routine.

For caregivers and/or family members, they recommend having a plan if the individual falls ill or is required to self-quarantine, as well as expanding the circle of care.

Although, the long-term care facilities are closed to visitors, caregivers and family members may discuss with the facility the ability to video chat, voice call or email, as well to remain in contact with the facility to receive updates.

Please visit the Alzheimer’s Society of Nova Scotia’s website:, for more information or call their toll-free line posted above.

We are truly grateful for organizations like the Alzheimer’s Society, who continue to provide their crucial services to people suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia in these difficult times.