Annual Flu Shot

This afternoon, John and I got our flu shots from our daughter, Tara, a pharmacist at Lawton’s Drugs!

Every Nova Scotian over six months old is encouraged to get a flu shot in the coming weeks.

In addition to the annual vaccine – it is important to practice good hand washing, proper coughing and sneezing etiquette and other basic public health measures to help prevent the spread of influenza, as well as COVID-19. For more information on the flu and the vaccine, visit:
Pharmacies in #ClaytonParkWest that are offering the flu shot include:

  • Rockingham Ridge Guardian Pharmacy, 30 Farnham Gate Road, 457-1515
  • Sobeys Pharmacy, 287 Lacewood Drive, 443-7203
  • Shoppers Drug Mart, 278 Lacewood Drive, 443-5214
  • Lawtons Drugs, 287 Lacewood Drive, 443-4446
  • Park West Medical Clinic, 287 Lacewood Drive Suite 116, 457-4499
  • Atlantic Superstore Pharmacy, 210 Chain Lake Drive, 450-5322

Please call your preferred pharmacy to book your appointment.