BMBCLS Introduces Speaker Series, Nature Nutures

It was an eye-opening evening during the Friends of Blue Mountain – Birch Cove Lakes Society’s Speaker Series, ‘Nature Nutures: The Health and Life Benefits to Getting into Nature,’ with guest speaker, Karen McKendry.

The Outreach Coordinator at the Ecology Action Centre spoke about the importance of ‘Vitamin N’ (nature).

McKendry has done tremendous research on how the outdoors can help us, and has a long history of working with both adults and children to back-up her information. Karen encourages parents to get their children outside at a young age.

Many studies show that outdoor activity has many physical, spiritual and medical benefits – and can help those dealing with mental health issues.

Doctor’s should prescribe ‘Forest Bathing’ if their clients deal with stress or anxiety; Forest Bathing is an opportunity for individual’s to decompress, while fully immersing themselves in nature.

In my personal experience, taking a hike or a bike ride has helped me out immensely during difficult times or stress.

Karen says that even though our lives are busy, we should all get out into nature as much as possible; The longer, the better. It’s the perfect outlet, as it has something to offer for all ages!

I really enjoyed learning about ‘Vitamin N’ and how nature can improve our health. It is not just a beautiful landscape, it can help us flourish and thrive.

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