Canadian Cancer Society Wellness Centre Tour

Yesterday, I was pleased to have an informative tour of the Canadian Cancer Society’s wellness site, which is located at 5826 South Street in downtown Halifax; The society is across the street from the QEII’s Dickson building.

Kelly Cull, senior manager of public affairs at the CCS, gave us a tour of this impressive and heart-warming lodge.

The Canadian Cancer Society has created lodges; out-of-town patients can stay there while receiving treatment.

The main objective of the lodges is to act as a home away from home. It is also a place where residents can meet and connect with other patients to get through a very tough period in their life — as a team.

In 2017, an expansion of the CCS incorporated a new Wellness Centre that is also available for local HRM guests, which offers: meditation rooms, a wig-fitting and prosthesis room, a gym, a yoga studio, resting rooms, a living room, a dining hall, a music room and a boardroom.

The society provides massage therapy, a living with cancer support group, a hair salon and a games night.

There are also a variety of programs, such as:

– Brain fog
– Returning to work
– Back to Work
– Yoga

The Canadian Cancer Society celebrates their 30th Anniversary this coming May 25th, and they have come a long way since their establishment.

Initially, the society started off with 34 beds, and now with the extension, they have gone up to 62 beds; they are currently at full capacity.

I was surprised to hear that many patients in the Halifax Regional Municipality are not aware of this site and its services. I encourage everyone who is reading this to share it with your loved ones who have been effected by this disease.

I know a lot of people will benefit emotionally, mentally and even physically from a place such as this with the many incredible amenities they offer. The services are free, confidential and available in multiple languages.

As we were touring, two very appreciative guests complemented the amazing services available at the lodge and the incredible staff.

Thank you to the dedicated individuals who work at the society and centre, who work tirelessly to ensure that patients walk away with a sense of comfort and community!

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