Clayton Park West – Connecting Seniors (CPW-CS) Group

The Clayton Park West – Connecting Seniors (CPW-CS) group had its 6th meeting! I was so pleased to have new members join the team. We had a new member exchange contact information with another member to connect after the meeting – This is why I love this initiative so much; it is beautiful seeing people make new connections in a time where it can be extremely lonely and difficult. This lovely group continues to grow.
The goal of the group is to connect seniors with programs, funding, grants, and information offered in the community but most importantly, to stay connected.
We had a guest speaker that attended our group and gave us a presentation. Sharon Gibson from the Halifax North West Trail Association (HNWTA) shared with the members of the seniors group some activities that the HNWTA offers.
She also shared that during activities such as walking in a group on a trail that it isn’t a race, that if a person walks slower, the group will slow down – this way everyone can enjoy the walk and people with different levels of mobility can join and get connected with their neighbours and with nature. HNWTA’s goal is to take advantage of the wonderful trails of the city.
Sharon also shared that this past winter, they had an activity called “Winter Tree for The Birds” which happens usually on a cold winter day. The event usually takes place at Mainland Common Woodchip Trail. The members gathered up to create some bird feeders and then hung them on the branches all along Woodchip Trail. After they finished, they gathered and had some hot chocolate!
This is another lovely group that Clayton Park West has to offer. I believe it is extremely important to stay connected during these difficult times whether it’s with nature or these types of lovely groups.
If you, or anyone you know, would like to join the Clayton Park West – Connecting Seniors group, please share the information below:
☎️ 902-443-8318
If you, or anyone you know, would like to join the Halifax North West Trail Association please visit this website for more information:
Our next meeting will be announced soon