Climate Strike

Youth in Halifax and across the country today made their voices heard by participating in the Climate Strike.

It was so inspiring to see so many people come together for such an important issue that affects us all. I was so happy to see first-hand all of the bright and passionate young people join in solidarity at this event. My colleagues and I were so proud of the thousands who came out.

I was especially happy to see an active Clayton Park West constituent, Andrew Cogswell, and his co-worker who both work in the science sector of Nova Scotia. Andrew and his daughter Riley are members of the Clayton Park West Litter Prevention Committee and are passionate about the environment. I was happy to introduce them to my colleague, the Minister of Environment, Gordon Wilson. We were able to engage in a short, but meaningful conversation about the issues that are important in our province, and at the global level.

I am proud of our Nova Scotia government for having taken so many steps in the right direction in combatting climate change. We are encouraged by the youth today who will inspire us to continue to do more to make our province a leader in tackling this issue.