Conversation with the students at MSVU

I had a lovely and in-depth conversation today with the students at Mount Saint Vincent University who are currently taking a women’s studies course.

They asked me questions about how youth can get involved in politics, my experience in the field, the importance of women in politics and so many other wonderful questions.

The students in attendance are studying a variety of industries, including: business, languages, marketing and psychology.

I was so happy to see their enthusiasm — and their honesty. Many of them said they did not know much about politics, but that they wanted to learn.

I wish I had gotten involved in my youth, and I encouraged them to get involved and learn through volunteering with their local MLA and/or MP — as I did 17 years ago.

Thank you to Marian Pelletier, who is the Women’s Studies professor who set up the discussion; Anna Hilchey, who guided the conversation, and all the students who participated.

There may have been a future politician in the room!