Expanded Equipment Options for Emergency Services Provider Fund

As of May 1, Volunteer fire departments and ground search and rescue teams will be able to submit applications to the updated Emergency Services Provider Fund program, and will benefit from a much broader list of eligible equipment such as GPS and mapping/tracking software.

Furthermore, the newly updated program will give these teams of emergency service workers more flexibility by allowing them to purchase equipment from up to three of the six categories, instead of just one.

The categories include:

  • personal protective equipment
  • Communications
  • rescue equipment
  • firefighting equipment
  • hazardous material(HAZMAT)equipment
  • miscellaneous equipment

The Emergency Services Provider Fund funds volunteer fire departments and ground search and rescue organizations, including hazardous material (HAZMAT) organizations, with life-saving equipment used to respond to fires and emergencies.

“Nova Scotians count on the people who work in these organizations to help us and protect us from fires and other emergency situations,” said Chuck Porter, Minister of Municipal Affairs.

“Most of them are volunteers who often risk their lives in dangerous situations. We are pleased to make these changes to help our emergency services providers be able to purchase more of the equipment they need to fulfill this critical role.”   

Up to 75 per cent of eligible costs for materials are covered by this program, up to a maximum of $20,000. Organizations can apply for funding every three years, as needed.

Applications will be accepted until June 21. More information on the Emergency Services Provider Fund is available at the Nova Scotian government website