February Door-Knocking

I am happy to have been able to go door knocking with my CA, Zeina Klayme, last Wednesday — the evening before the House session started.

I met a lot of wonderful people at The Ventura apartment building — The Ventura is a new, modern complex on Ruth Goldbloom in Rockingham South; a development in Clayton Park West.

I wanted to meet and welcome all the new residents, and to find out the demographics of who is moving into these new buildings.

It was wonderful to see so much diversity! I met so many seniors, young professionals and families. Some were newcomers and some were long-time residents; one gentleman I spoke to has lived in the riding for over 50 years!

All were very happy to be living in Clayton Park West for the many conveniences and amenities it offers.

We even received a compliment regarding public buss access; A constituent who works at Dalhousie moved from downtown and noted how easy it is to commute to work.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with
me, and for expressing your thoughts, questions and ideas for the future!

Please remember that my office is always open. I hope to see you at my Coffee and Conversation each month!