Final Coffee & Conversation of 2019

This afternoon, for my 7th Coffee and Conversation, and the last one of 2019, it was delightful to speak to a passionate constituent, author, and former journalist.

Janice Landry brought me her book, Silver Linings, which delves into the experiences of those who have touched Janice’s life, as well as experts on mental health.

The mandate of the book is to show that no matter what you go through in life, there is always light after darkness.

Janice is very passionate about discussing Mental Health in her novels, and her hope is to bring awareness to help others.

I was also visited by Robert and his friend Janice to discuss work related issues.

Lastly, Pete Roberts and his lovely wife dropped in to get a notarization. Pete is a former volunteer firefighter for Station 17, and a very kind constituent that always helps local families in need during an emergency or when the power goes out.

It was a full day, and I learned a lot from all my visitors!

Thank you for making Coffee & Conversation so successful. Not only do I get to meet fascinating constituents, but I also learn so much in the process.