Grand Opening, Booza Emessa Ice Cream

I was so happy to be in attendance for the Grand Opening of Booza Emessa Ice Cream, located at 819 Bedford Highway. Booza Emessa serves traditional Syrian ice cream.

Samer Al Jokhadar immigrated to Canada three years ago. I have watched him develop his business for over a year, and I am thrilled to see it come into full fruition.

I must say that the product is delicious! Many people will be interested to know that all of Samer’s ice cream is Gluten Free!

Booza Emessa uses mastic in their ice cream. Mastic is a resin, which comes from the mastic tree;
originally a sap. Mastic has many medicinal benefits, as it contains antibacterial and antioxidant components.

The shop also incorporated beautiful, traditional decor and memorabilia. Including a Sabin Mai, which is a water fountain that can be found in Syria.

Samer’s story is no different than that of the family who created, Peace by Chocolate in Antigonish.

Both are trying to recreate their family operated businesses in which they grew up working in, in Syria.

Let’s show Samer support by sharing this post with all our friends and family, so that they can drop by to say hi and try his delicious, unique ice cream!

Also, you can purchase a pistachio log and leave it in your freezer to serve to your friends for desert. It’s also perfect if you have an event this summer.

Congratulations on opening Booza Emessa! I wish you great success in your entrepreneurial future!