Grant Program Helps Businesses Become More Accessible

Our government is partnering with businesses across Nova Scotia to make locations, products and services more accessible.

Through the success of the Business ACCESS-Ability Program, our government has invested more than $1 million this year into 41 businesses, which helped increase their accessibility.

“As a province we are working to remove barriers and provide equal opportunities to all Nova Scotians,” said Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage Leo Glavine. “It takes businesses, communities and government working together to make the changes needed for a truly accessible province.”

CarShare Atlantic, a car sharing company in Halifax, is one of the most recent recipients of one of these grant approvals. Pam Cooley, the president of CarShare Atlantic, said “I have been wanting to provide our service to people with physical disabilities since I started CarShare Atlantic ten years ago”. Her company is receiving $42,053 from the grant, along with a Community Investment Grant of $15,000 from the Department of Community Services, and now Pam says that “This fund has made that possible.”

The accessibility improvements include installing hand controls in three fleet vehicles and adding a fully converted accessible van to give people with physical challenges, and those who care for them, access. For more information about how to access CarShare Atlantic’s accessible vehicles, visit

“Independence is a gift for people with disabilities,” said Paul Vienneau, accessibility advocate. “This service will allow more freedom to do the simplest of tasks like multiple errands in a day or being spontaneous like going to the beach with friends. Activities that others take for granted.”    

Under the program, businesses based in Nova Scotia can apply for grant funding to make upgrades and improvements. This includes removing physical barriers, providing accessible communication and information, accessible transportation, assistive devices, and education and training programs.

Businesses interested in the program are encouraged to visit the program website. A complete list of grant recipients and more information are available at

The grant program supports our government’s efforts to achieve an accessible Nova Scotia by 2030. Statistics show almost one in three Nova Scotians identify as having a disability. The government’s strategy, Access by Design 2030, identifies priorities for preventing and removing barriers to accessibility. Nova Scotia is one of three provinces that has accessibility legislation in place.