Immigration Numbers Setting Records

The province is setting records for the year of 2019, as Nova Scotia finds new ways to target workers in sectors with the greatest need. Furthermore, Nova Scotia’s population is not only getting younger, but it is at an all-time high.

The Office of Immigration works closely across government and with employers to identify labour needs, develop programs to target those professions and streamline the immigration process.

As of December 27th, the Office of Immigration has approved 2,780 applications.

Healthcare is a major focus and Nova Scotia is attracting more family doctors, specialists and continuing care assistants than ever before.


As of 2018, the following positions have been approved to come to the province through various immigration programs:

-52 physicians (33 family doctors and 19 specialists)

-184 continuing care assistants


Since the year 2015, the province has approved more than 2,500 foreign certified professionals, including:

-Continuing care assistants


-Early childhood educators

-Financial auditors/accountants


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