International Women’s Day

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”
— Maya Angelou

International Women’s Day is an important symbol for all women, as we reflect on our accomplishments, celebrate our strides and honour the women who have endured adversity before us. In return, we learn and set the example for future generations! 💪

There are so many strong women in my life that I admire: My mother, my mother-in-law, my two beautiful daughters, my sister-in-law, my sister, my amazing CA, Zeina and dear friend, Tania Meloni — along with all the women that I work with 👏

I would also like to extend a special thanks to Ifeoma Esonwune. Ifeoma is the founder of the Network for the Empowerment of Women in #ClaytonParkWest. She hosted a virtual, International Women’s Day Conference this past weekend with global guests.

Ifeoma is a trailblazer in my riding and works hard to empower other women.

The virtual conference presented a remarkable line-up of inspiring, resilient and bold women, such as: entrepreneurs, leading experts, business owners and community influencers.

Similar to last year, a portion of the conference proceeds were donated to Adsum for Women and Children. What a beautiful act, Ifeoma!

Together we can support others to advance women empowerment and equality.

Every woman has a story; and it could be YOUR story that saves or inspires someone else. Never underestimate the POWER of your voice.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the strong women — in Nova Scotia, and all over the world