Italian Weekend

It was another great turnout for this year’s Italian Weekend, at the Italian-Canadian Cultural Association, where it is held every year at 2629 Agricola Street.

I have been volunteering at the Italian Weekend for over 25 years. Every year the Italian community comes together to celebrate their culture with music and delicious food. Even with postponing the event last weekend due to Hurricane Dorion… the turnout was spectacular!

It was a great time for my husband and I to catch up with family, and friends who we have known for over 30 years.

A special thank you to Anna LeBlanc who coordinated the schedule for the volunteers and ensured all prompt communication between kitchen volunteers and the servers.

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers in the kitchen, at the BBQ outside, the bars, the ticket station and all the food and desert servers. Your dedication and hard work was delivered with a smile and this experience so incredible!

See you all next year!