Jollof Cook-off!

Tonight, I attended the Jollof Cook-off at Sobeys on Lacewood Drive as part of Nigeria Week.

The Association of Nigerians in Nova Scotia hosted the event, and gathered those in the Nigerian community, as well as those around Clayton Park West, to learn how to cook Jollof in a cooking competition!

Jollof is a very popular dish in Nigeria that is typically served during celebrations and parties. It is a rice dish with fresh tomatoes and tomato paste. You can also add peppers, onions and chicken… among other ingredients to add flavour and variety.

I was happy to mingle and meet so many new members of this community, and was astonished while chatting with one of the organizers of tonight’s event. She recently arrived 3 months ago to Nova Scotia, and immigrated here through the skilled worker program. She informed me that she has already found a job!

It is heartwarming for me to hear these wonderful stories that are a testament to the great success of our different immigration streams that are helping fill the job market and improve our Province’s economy.

Thank you for having me!