New act will permits partners to be placed together

The Life Partners in Long-Term Care Act has now been declared and will be effective as of March 1st!
In the past, many lifelong partners have been separated into different facilities to get the care they require.

The new act will permit spouses, common law and domestic partners to be placed together at the highest care level.
For example, if one spouse requires nursing-home care and one requires residential care, the couple would be placed in a nursing home.

Government will also ensure this act applies to partners of Veterans who live in facilities where Veterans units are located.

Recently, we got contacted by one of my constituents that had expressed to us that her mother was placed in a nursing home in September 2020, and her father who has dementia – was left behind.

My heart ached at the thought of her parents getting separated after years together. We worked so hard to make sure we solved this issue. They were accepted to be reunited on January 13th.

I believe that spouses deserve to stay together, regardless of their health situation.

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