New gorgeous community ice-rink created by the Rockingham Recreation Society.

I am so proud of Alesha Barker and the Rockingham Recreation Society, who have come together to build and fund a gorgeous community ice-rink!

In December, the #RRS built an outdoor ice-rink in the tennis court of D.J. Butler Park in #ClaytonParkWest.
The members planned an event for #HeritageDay and served some delicious hot cocoa!🍫 β˜•οΈ

The rink was filled with kids, ages 4-13! Everyone practised social distancing, and the event was so well organized!
Grandparents, parents, kids and people who just happened to be walking around the neighbourhood stopped at this beautiful rink, mingled, enjoyed their time, laughed β€” and got a sense of how beautiful, rich in diversity and welcoming the riding of Clayton Park West truly is!

Did you know that the rink used to be something #HRM supported through their Outdoor Community Rink Program, but stopped once the #EmeraOval was built?

That’s why the #RockinghamRecreationSociety decided to get involved and create this wonderful initiative; I commend the group for doing such a tremendous job!

Councillor for District 10, Kathryn Morse, joined me β€” and we both discussed how we can work together to support the Rockingham community & keep building this skating rink each year! πŸ₯…πŸ‘

Furthermore, I hope to meet with Alesha at my MLA office in March for my next Coffee & Conversation session β€” in order for her to see how an MLA office can help keep this idea going β€” as well as other exciting summer events!
In addition, I look forward to joining their outdoor (socially-distanced) movie nights!

Thank you for bringing back this beautiful idea, Alesha Barker and the Rockingham Recreation Society ❀️
This is extremely important for the kids and the community, especially during the pandemic.

Please visit their Facebook for the schedule for the ice rink:

Thank you for inviting my office!