Nova Scotia Recognized as a National Leader in Energy Efficiency

Nova Scotia has been a strong North American leader in reducing emissions and climate change.

Our province is also being recognized as a national leader for energy efficiency efforts.

The Efficiency Canada study released on November 19th, ranked Nova Scotia best in Canada for energy efficiency programs and for having the most highly trained energy efficiency workforce.

The province also received the highest score in Atlantic Canada for overall energy efficiency; It placed fourth nationally. And, set the most ambitious climate change goals in Canada.

Nova Scotia will invest roughly $120 million in programs that reduce emissions and fight climate change over the next three to four years.

Furthermore, the province will also invest $25 million in energy efficiency upgrades that will improve 2,400 Mi’kmaq homes and 11,500 public housing units.

And, 16,000 low-income Nova Scotians received free energy efficiency upgrades since 2007.

Energy efficiency efforts in Nova Scotia have reduced carbon emissions by more than one million tonnes every year.

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