Nova Scotia Remembers, Virtual Vigil

My husband and I sat down to watch the Virtual Vigil on CTV Atlantic tonight, in honour of those who lost their lives this past weekend.

There were so many beautiful moments, with many of our talented artists coming together to express themselves; they share in our pain and heartache.

Emily Tuck playing with Natalie McMaster and the pianist was incredibly touching; it brought tears to my eyes immediately.

The poem by writer, Sheree Fitch was also beautiful… ‘Because we love, we cry.’

I think the most profound thing I realized is that, even though we are in isolation, the love in this province is palpable… I feel a sense of community stronger than ever before.

Thank you again to the Colchester Supporting our Communities group & all involved in organizing this event.

It is a night no Nova Scotian will forget… definitely a hard watch, but it was needed.