Nova Scotia Welcomes Record Breaking Number of Immigrants

True to Canada’s immigration policy as a cultural mosaic, Nova Scotia saw the settling of 7,580 new permanent residents in 2019.

The record breaking number of immigrants in 2019 far exceeded the 5,970 new Canadians welcomed in 2018.

The increase in immigration is a boost to Nova Scotia’s economy and its communities as the population in the province soars at an annual rate of 1.28 per cent to a high of 976,768, according to Statistics Canada.

A significant factor for the increase in immigration is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot; It was created in 2017 as a response to widespread labour shortages across Atlantic Canada. The pilot encourages and facilitates the hiring of foreign-trained workers and international graduates by eligible employers.

In 2019, 1,150 companies, across several sectors, are designated as eligible employers under the pilot. These companies, through the province’s endorsement, welcomed 1,208 workers and graduates last year out of the 7,580 total immigrants in 2019.

Several other provincial programs, such as the Labour Market Priority Program and physician streams, were responsible for the bulk of immigration.

In total, 67 per cent of total landings in 2019 were due to provincial immigration programs.

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