Pizza Delivery to Front-line Workers

This morning, Zeina (my Constituency Assistant) and I picked up 30 large pizzas from the Dominos Pizza onĀ Parkland Drive.

This is all part of our giving back initiative to the amazing frontline workers who are putting their health on the line to help those battling the Coronavirus.

We delivered the 30 pizzas to Ocean View Continuing Care Centre in Eastern Passage by lunch time; their staff was so grateful!

Thank you to Laura and Audra from Ocean View for coordinating with us. And, thank you to Andre Moore, who is a constituent and a board member at Ocean View. Andre contacted our office to tell us about the incredible staff at the centre.

A BIG thank you to Brennan Norris who is the manager at the Parkland Drive Dominos Pizza. Tuesday is their donation day!

Brennan told us he was currently preparing over 150 pizzas for frontline workers! He is such a kind and generous individual, and is always quick to lend a helping hand in tough times! We are so proud to have you as our constituent, Brennan!

We were all happy to spread a little happiness today!