Recycle My Electronics Collection Event, IKEA

I was honoured to speak on behalf of the Minister of Environment, Gordon Wilson, at the Recycle My Electronics collection event this morning at IKEA in Dartmouth.

The RME programs have partnered with IKEA to collect end-of-life electronics from communities across the Halifax Regional Municipality – and beyond!

Not only will it give people the opportunity to destruct their items safely and securely, but it will also help our environment by diverting any waste and materials from our landfills. (Note: Photo in album of broken-down materials).

You can declutter and help our world all in one token.

It is also a great learning opportunity for younger generations who will see their parents exhibiting good habits on how to throw away items they do not use.

Thank you to IKEA for hosting such a well-organized event. Thank you to the Electronic Products Recycling Association for running these types of programs for more than a decade; You should be immensely proud of the fact that as of 2019, roughly 46,000 tonnes of electronics were properly recycled. I am also thrilled that the program will be expanding in January 2020.

Also, a big thank you goes out to Cliff Hacking, President and CEO of the Electronic Products Recycling Association, Gerard MacLellan, Executive Director at EPRA, and Christine Krochak, Communications for IKEA – Dartmouth Crossing, for your words of encouragement to our environment and mentioning the ways Nova Scotia is leading the country in terms of green initiatives.

I have always said I am very proud of how clean and conscious we are in this province.


The drop-off event is happening:

Saturday October 19
Sunday October 20
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
IKEA location in Dartmouth Crossing (645 Cutler Avenue).


For a full list of what you can recycle, please visit: