Support for Genome Atlantic

The Invest Nova Scotia Fund is helping entrepreneurs and researchers across the province use genomics to innovate and solve problems.

Genomics is the science of understanding, interpreting and harnessing DNA code to solve problems in new ways.

The fund’s independent board of directors announced Feb. 15 an investment of $325,000 in Genome Atlantic, a Halifax business organization specializing in DNA-based solutions.

Genome Atlantic will work with entrepreneurs and researchers to advance 25 DNA projects over the next three years. The organization will also focus on initiatives that drive growth in key sectors, like oceans, aquaculture and fisheries, agri-food, forestry, oil and gas and sustainable energy.

“Invest Nova Scotia’s support will help us advance more projects,” said Steve Armstrong, president and CEO of Genome Atlantic. “We are excited to introduce genomics to more entrepreneurs and researchers and have greater impact across the province.”

Apple growers are already benefitting from working with Genome Atlantic. The organization is helping producers in the Annapolis Valley perfect varieties like the Honeycrisp apple and boost sales through a national project called the Apple Breeding Consortium.

“We are thrilled to be working with Genome Atlantic and Nova Scotia scientists on perfecting our products,” said Joan Hebb, horticulturalist at Scotian Gold Cooperative Ltd. in the Annapolis Valley. “Finding the right variety of apples for our unique climate is key, as we continue to strive for excellence and compete in the marketplace.”

“Invest Nova Scotia is funding smart, innovative projects that strengthen whole regions and sectors of our economy,” said Invest Nova Scotia chair Kenneth Deveau. “Now, Genome Atlantic will be able to work with more entrepreneurs and researchers, increasing our capacity for innovation and strengthening our economy, particularly in rural Nova Scotia.”

Invest Nova Scotia was established in 2014 as an independent fund for granting economic incentives. Projects must spark innovation, be collaborative, measurable and sustainable and advance the strategic goals of the ONE Nova Scotia Coalition.

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