Syriana Market

I had an amazing time visiting the new Syriana Market!

#SyrianaMarket is the biggest international grocery store in Atlantic Canada.
When I walked in, I was amazed to see how big the market actually was! Within the building, there is: Syriana Restaurant, Syriana Currency Exchange and Transfer, and the Syriana Meat Butcher!

The market sells a wide variety of both international, and local, foods; there is food from all over the Middle East, Pakistan, China and India — as well as many other Asian countries.

I met the Harb Family (Rafat, Maher and Mohammed — along with Rafat’s 7 other siblings) back in my medical interpreting days. It is so beautiful to see how the family has grown into successful entrepreneurs 👏

I know all of my Middle Eastern friends and family, as well as the community at large, will love this new gem in Halifax!

This is the beauty of diversity and what it brings to our spectacular city ❤️

Congratulations to the Harb family! Please support this wonderful, local grocery store and family business. (Location: 3600 Strawberry Hill Street).