Update on COVID-19

Today, Nova Scotia has 51 confirmed cases of COVID-19.


The cases are travel-related or connected to earlier reported cases; If you have traveled outside of Nova Scotia, you must self-isolate for 14 days.


To date, Nova Scotia has 2,474 negative test results and 51 confirmed cases.

The 51 individuals affected range in age from under ten to mid-70’s.

If you have traveled outside of Nova Scotia or been in close contact with someone who has traveled and are experiencing fever or new cough you should complete the online questionnaire before calling 811. The online questionnaire can be found at: https://811.novascotia.ca/


Nova Scotians can find accurate, up-to-date information at: https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus.


Today’s update will be live-streamed at 3 p.m. on https://novascotia.ca/stayinformed/webcast, @nsgov Facebook and YouTube channels.


Furthermore, testing numbers are updated daily at https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus.