Visit to Knightsridge Fire Station (Station 7)

My constituency assistant, Zeina, and I had a great time visiting the Knightsridge Fire Station (Station 7) in Clayton Park West this afternoon.

Captain Michael Sears did a phenomenal job of describing a firefighters daily tasks and duties… and the highs and lows of the job.

We learned so much — not just about the inner workings of a fire truck, but also the latest gadgets firefighters use when fighting a blaze.

The station serves as a home away from home for these men and women; There are dorms, locker rooms, showers, a kitchen and a sitting area; The firefighters work a full 24 hours (per shift and every four days) so the rooms are essential, as they need to relax after dealing with such high stress circumstances.

After a tour of the building, we sat down with the four men on duty and spoke about how far supportive resources have come for first responders.

To say the least, we left with our hearts full… Thank you to Station 7, and all the amazing fire men and women out there who work endlessly to keep our streets and communities safe!