Visit to MedMira Inc. Laboratory

We had such an incredible afternoon today at MedMira Inc. Laboratory in #ClaytonParkWest!

#MedMira has come out with a patent for #COVID19 that can detect if you have antibodies within minutes, and will show the results for days to follow (which is something that is not common with these types of tests).

Just a few short months ago, 6 months to be exact, MedMira only had 11 staff members. Today, the company has expanded to 54 people! It was truly amazing to see all of their employees who come from over 18 countries; there are 6 summer students and over 30 new immigrants.

The expansion of staff is due to the high demand for their REVEALCOVID-19 TM Total Antibody test.

One of the most valuable things we noticed is that these individuals are extremely hard-working. This job is an exceptional way for them to get the Canadian working experience and to have flourishing and enriching careers!

We felt a true sense of family and community — this is the real beauty of Canada; There is opportunity and space for everyone to work in harmony.

The staff at MedMira contribute a weekly production of over 20,000 COVID-19 tests. We are told that the external performance evaluation of this product in the United States has been exceptional.

They also plan to expand to other markets, such as Europe and Asia.

Please stay tuned for a special feature from my office, highlighting a behind-the-scenes look at MedMira Inc.

Thank you to Hermes Chan (CEO) and Markus Meile (CFO), for your information breakdown of the antibody test. As well as all the exciting things your company is doing and plans to do in the future.

We wish you the best of luck!