Viyan and Zeen’s journey to health- The Human Organ and Tissue Donation Act.

On the last day of the Spring House Session (2019), I had the privilege to speak on Bill 133 – the Human Organ and Tissue Donation Act.

Nova Scotia set the stage for other Canadian Provinces, and other jurisdictions worldwide, to follow our leadership and embrace this progressive Legislation!

Receiving an organ is both life-saving and life-changing; I hope everyone takes this very important week to have the conversation with their family members about what donating your organs can do for those in need of an organ transplant.

This means so much to me, as I have witnessed the pain and suffering of many patients, during my time as a medical interpreter, who are awaiting a match for an organ transplant… Much like Viyan and Zeen.

I recently caught up with the two young women, who you’ll remember from my previous posts about Bill 133. They wanted you to know how much receiving an organ changed their lives, as well as their loved ones.

“For me, waiting for an organ and not knowing if I will ever get a donor was the hardest. Sometimes I even wondered if I will ever get a kidney transplant or if I will be waiting for the rest of my life,” said Viyan.

“In December, I was asked what I want for Christmas, and I jokingly said I wanted a kidney – not knowing that on the morning of December 12, 2016, my mom [would] be telling me that they have found a match! At first, I didn’t believe her — my feelings were indescribable! Getting a transplant has changed and affected my life in so many ways, but the one I love the most is having more control over my life… and being able to choose my own path. Especially now that I’m getting ready for university.”

Viyan had luckily received her kidney, however her sister Zeen was still on the waitlist. She was very happy for her sister, but also very sad and anxious for herself.

“When I was waiting to get an organ, I felt uncertain. There were times when I wondered if I was ever going to get a donor, or if I was going to be hooked on a machine every other day, instead of going to school… and being a kid. I felt so shocked when they said they found a match, it hadn’t even been a week since my sister got her kidney transplant!” said Zeen.

“I couldn’t believe it up until they took me to the operation room. Ever since having a kidney transplant, I have been able to go to school everyday, make friends, drink lots and lots of water, and eat my favorite chocolate — Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme!”

I am overjoyed that things worked out for these two amazing young women. Viyan will be going to university soon and hopes to study Journalism; Zeen is in grade 9.

I know they will both go on to do amazing things, with a different perspective on life. It is because of two generous donors that these girls are able to reach their full potential.

Below is a video of Viyan and Zeen’s journey to health. Please take a few moments to watch this remarkable story of two girls waiting for their lucky day