World Clean Up Day

Today, September 19th, is World Clean Up Day!

World Clean Up Day began in Estonia in 2008 when community volunteers mobilized to clean up their country.

The event is particularly important this year as lockdown and social distancing policies prevented some clean ups during the spring. Between March and July, an estimated 84,000 kilograms of litter was on Canadian shores.

This day is important to me as I have started community clean ups and litter prevention education with my litter prevention initiative and supporting the establishment of a community-led Clayton Park West Litter Prevention Committee.

Please join us for our 10th community clean up on Friday, September 25 from 6-7:30. We will be meeting in the parking lot of St. Benedict’s Catholic Church.

The incredible sense of community in Clayton Park West is evident with the Litter Prevention Committee. We started with 4-5 people and now we have close to 30 active members.

We hope more Clayton Park West constituents will join so we can reach our target of making Clayton Park West the cleanest riding in the province!

Interested volunteers can send an email to Michele Di Quinzio and Jayne Hawkins at

The Litter Prevention Committee meets via Zoom once a month to discuss all issues related to litter prevention in our community and beyond!