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Rafah DiCostanzo @RafahDiCostanzoIndependent Living Nova Scotia's Annual Christmas Gala was beautifully organized, with a great silent auction. Thank you to the guest speaker at the event, Connor Hirtle, and Mike Coady, who emceed the gala. You both did a wonderful job! I had a great time! #ILNS https://t.co/YFGeVjwgEp2 days ago 0 0
Rafah DiCostanzo @RafahDiCostanzoI was delighted to attend the Nova Scotia Human Rights Awards at the #HalifaxCentralLibrary for their International Human Rights Day celebration. Thank you to the CEO of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, Christine Hanson, for another impactful and well-organized event! https://t.co/mtEtsxxFwY6 days ago 2 1
Rafah DiCostanzo @RafahDiCostanzoI had the great pleasure of attending the, 'Children Cook's Club,' which happens once a month at the Sobey's on Lacewood Drive in #ClaytonParkWest. Six children (3 groups of 2) are picked each time for the educational experience. https://t.co/eADcDdowzJ1 week ago 1 0
Rafah DiCostanzo @RafahDiCostanzoI was touched by the heroic stories during the 11th Annual #MedalOfBravery ceremony at Province House, along with Premier @StephenMcNeil and Minister of Justice, @MarkFurey1. Congratulations to the courageous recipients: Bruce Knocton, Paul Rowe, Jules Dufour and Kevin Tough. https://t.co/7VdQGBLaOu2 weeks ago 0 0
Rafah DiCostanzo @RafahDiCostanzoI was honoured to attend an announcement on the Status of Women at #HalifaxPublicLibrary, where three new funding projects were announced. Over four years, the Federal and Provincial governments are giving $1 million to develop new support for survivors of gender-based violence. https://t.co/KOa7mxRAKK2 weeks ago 2 2
Rafah DiCostanzo @RafahDiCostanzoRT @StephenMcNeil: The @IWKHealthCentre emergency department will expand to double its size. Government will also invest $7 million to repl…2 weeks ago 12 0
Rafah DiCostanzo @RafahDiCostanzoLast weekend, I attended the #FilipinoLanguageAndCultureProgram's Graduation Day, which was held at the #HalifaxChristianChurchCentre on Farnham Gate Road. The graduation was for the students who enrolled in FLCP's 2018 sessions, and I had the honour of handing out certificates. https://t.co/ywMTpMTgS72 weeks ago 0 1
Rafah DiCostanzo @RafahDiCostanzoYesterday, I dropped into #OnSidePerformanceCentre! Their Fun Run was a success; all donations from the run will be given to #KidSport. The training facility is open seven days a week for everyone to use and enjoy. Visit: https://t.co/WL65UdUu6t for more information. #CPW https://t.co/HVAMI9TpS22 weeks ago 0 2
Rafah DiCostanzo @RafahDiCostanzoPlease stop by the office for my open house on December 14th. There will be coffee and sweets! https://t.co/bR2K59VCYI2 weeks ago 1 1
Rafah DiCostanzo @RafahDiCostanzoIf you're looking for something to do with the family this weekend, head over to OnSide Performance Centre's Grand Opening and Fun Run, located at 114 Chain Lake Drive. It's all happening Saturday, December 1st at 9 a.m. Donations for the run will go to the KidSport charity. #CPW https://t.co/NKQlvmK1MC2 weeks ago 0 2