Health Committee

In the Health Committee yesterday, I raised an important issue that 130 thousand Nova Scotians are facing—that is all of the Nova Scotians currently without a family doctor—how and where are these patients’ medical records being kept?
If you have been treated by a pharmacist, at emergency departments, walk-in clinics, at a mobile primary care clinic, or by virtual care, your medical records are being disbursed where other healthcare professionals cannot access them. This is a huge liability issue in the long-term as doctors will not be able to appropriately treat their patients.
Another concern I see here is regarding Nova Scotians who recently migrated from other provinces or immigrated from other countries — how many of them are represented in that 130 thousand people without a family doctor? I suspect that it is high, which discourages wonderful and oftentimes skilled folks from relocating to Nova Scotia.
One of the biggest issues the Houston government has failed to address is a centralized medical record system like “One Patient, One Record”(OPOR). This is crucial in fixing our broken healthcare system.
If you’re a #ClaytonParkWest constituent and share these concerns, reach out to my office by emailing to