A Letter Regarding the Rose Bushes on Dunbrack Street

Greetings Constituents,

I would like to address a matter that is currently unfolding in our riding; the pending decision to cut down the rose bushes that trail along Dunbrack Street in Clayton Park West.

Being a long-time resident of this area, I have enjoyed many walks and bike rides on Dunbrack Street.

I, like many other residents in our area, was very disappointed when I heard that the rose bushes were going to be removed.

As soon as I heard about the matter on July 10th from a concerned constituent, I took it upon myself to contact and meet with Councillor Russell Walker the following day (July 11th) where he explained some of the main safety issues.

Since then, I have spoken with city staff and Councillor Richard Zurawski who have mirrored those same safety issues.

I believe all my constituents will agree with me that if this is a safety issue, the safety of our residents is most important. Especially if it involves the safety of our children.

This issue has galvanized our communities and I know our constituents would appreciate hearing directly from the decision makers on this issue.

To that end, I have suggested that HRM hold a public meeting so residents can ask questions.

I am hoping we will hear from the city soon.

Sincerely your MLA, 

Rafah Di Costanzo