Black History Month Dinner and Dance

I was honoured to attend the Black History Month Dinner and Dance at Mount Saint Vincent University last night, alongside my colleagues: Minister Tony Ince, Minister Kelly Regan and Honourable Lena Metlege Diab, QC, MLA Halifax Armdale, as well as MP Geoff Regan and MP Andy Fillmore.

The event started with speeches by organizer, George Mbamalu, Tony Ince and Andy Filmore.

In addition, there was a very sad, but informative, presentation and tribute to African Canadians in the Canadian Armed Forces. The presentation highlighted the unfortunate discrimination that they endured in the Forces.

In 1915, during World War One, the first all Black Batallion was formed. Before that time, they were not even permitted to join the Forces. Even in burial, they were not given proper headstones.

It is important that we learn from our past and continue to work towards a fair and just society.

The evening ended with wonderful performances by the amazing Amadou Kienou and Djeli Sira Band, an African Story by IFo Ikede and a traditional African dance by the Maritime Center for African Dance.

Thank you and I look forward to next year.