Burn Restrictions During Wildfire Risk Season

The snow is melting and it’s getting warmer, which means Nova Scotians are spending more time outdoors having fun in the sun. It means campfires and roasting marshmallows, and also checking the BurnSafe map at novascotia.ca/burnsafe before any burning to make sure you’re being safe.

Wildfire season runs until October 15th in Nova Scotia, and burn restrictions are in force until them. Municipal bylaws may also be in place and can vary, so make sure to check those so you are always safe when enjoying the summer weather.

The BurnSafe map shows all the domestic brush burning and campfires restrictions, and is updated daily at 2 p.m. That way, you always have up to date information about whether or not it is safe and permissible to burn that day.

“Help keep people safe and reduce the risk of wildfires”

The map is colour coded as follows:

  • if an area is shown in green, burning is permitted from 2 p.m. through 8 a.m.
  • if it is shown in yellow, burning is permitted between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m.
  • if it is shown in red, burning is not allowed
  • no burning is permitted anywhere from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on any day

“The spring warm-up brings increased risk of wildfires. The online map makes it easy to quickly see if burning is permitted or not in your area,” said Lands and Forestry Minister Iain Rankin. “Following the burn restrictions in your county will help keep people safe and reduce the risk of wildfires.”

Last year, firefighters fought 190 wildfires in Nova Scotia, with most happening in the spring.

If you prefer to use the phone to find out about burning restrictions call the toll-free phone line at 1-855-564-2876 (BURN), for a recorded message updated daily.

The BurnSafe map applies only to domestic burning. Industrial burning requires a permit from Department of Lands and Forestry.