Door Knocking with Councillor Candidate Tania Meloni

I am overjoyed to have been able to knock on doors today with a personal friend, Councillor Candidate: Tania Meloni. I have known Tania for over 30 years (Tania’s older sister, Wanda, was a close university friend at MSVU).

Tania Meloni is running as a Councillor in District 4 – Cole Harbour/Westphal.

She is a graduate of Dalhousie University (BA) and is currently pursuing a second degree from Saint Mary’s University (BComm).

I have great admiration for Tania and her work as a female diver for the military!

I have also witnessed her strength and resilience with positivity while fighting lymphatic cancer 14 years ago.

I have worked with Tania on a couple of community projects; she has a brilliant mind, she is dedicated and her attention to detail is remarkable. She will bring so many valuable skills to this job. Tania is a great team-builder and she does it with a big heart!

I am confident that she will do a magnificent job if she has the opportunity to serve residents in Cole Harbour, Westphal, Lake Loon and Cherry Brook.

She has served 30 years in the Canadian Armed Forces — as a Navy Diver, HR Administrator and Naval Officer.

Tania’s mandate is to bridge the gap between organizations and businesses within her local community.

Please visit her website at:

You can also hear more about Tania here:

E-Voting polls open this Tuesday, October 6th, and Election Day is the 17th of October.