Ifeoma’s Farewell Party!

My friend, Ifeoma, an immigrant mother of three, arrived in Halifax from Nigeria in 2016. I first met Ifeoma when I was elected the following year.
She has been a trailblazer for immigrant women in Halifax since she has arrived. In her short time here, Ifeoma has left a significant mark on our community: she started an event planning company, a magazine, held many conferences for International Women’s Day, and prepared traditional Nigerian cuisine for Nova Scotia Heritage Day in 2020.
A fond memory I have of Ifeoma was in 2019 when she mobilized sixteen children into carollers in only three days. These young carollers put on a beautiful performance at my open house around Christmas time.
Although her move to Vaughn is a loss to our community, wherever she finds herself, I am sure she will have a big impact on the lives of the people around her. I wish Ifeoma nothing but success for her and her family’s bright future in Ontario!