Network for the Empowerment of Women

On Saturday, it was wonderful to attend the Network for the Empowerment of Women event hosted by the founder of Matella Event Concepts, Ifeoma Esonwune. This initiative is not only timely, but necessary to help empower young girls.

Every year, this event is in honour of International Day of the Girl.

I was delighted to say a few words to educate the young women on both the basics of politics and current issues.

It is important to open the conversation with young women to assure them that they have the opportunity to become a political leader, as it is necessary to make sure women’s issues and voices are equally heard.

Selam Abdella was one of the guest speakers and spoke about her experience of coming to Canada as an international student. She spoke about being afforded many opportunities because of this great country. She now works as part of the Dalhousie Student Union and hopes to inspire many young girls. Selam also wanted to stress the notion that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up.

Also, a big thank you to Emme Morin, Mercy Olugu and Fatima Alzaabi of the G Inspire 360.

I hope that many of my young constituents will keep an eye out for this event for next year. It is extremely informative and truly does empower the young minds of tomorrow!