SchoolsPlus Expansion Highlighted on World Mental Health Day

Students in schools across the Province need access to mental health services and supports, and in order to help increase access, SchoolsPlus is now available to all students and families province-wide.

As of September, SchoolsPlus services 370 schools.

SchoolsPlus helps children, and their families, connect with a variety of programs by working with school staff and other partners.

In addition to mental health services, supports include:

-After-school programs

-Homework support


-Youth groups

-Parenting supports.

SchoolsPlus has been available to students in all schools throughout 56 sites, since September.

The program has 41 facilitators and social workers, 84 community outreach workers and 53.5 mental health clinicians.

The total investment in SchoolsPlus is $11.8 million.

For additional information about SchoolsPlus, please visit: