She Should Run, Tea Cup Challenge

I was happy to help MLA Suzanne Lohnes-Croft and Nicole Arsenault, Assistant Clerk and Secretary to the CWP local representatives, coordinate the Canadian Women Parliamentarians #SheShouldRun Tea Cup Challenge this morning at Province House.

The ‘She Should Run’ Tea Cup Challenge specifically is an opportunity to reach out to the women in your life who you think would be good leaders and representatives; Discussing their vision to run over a tea is a time to bond and shows these women that regardless of their background or circumstance, they too can establish themselves in politics. Some may be interested in being at the forefront, however there are many other important positions, such as: Acting as a head or chair of an association, or helping with campaigns. The sky is the limit!

This event was part of the larger Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. The CWP Association aims to have a better representation of women in legislatures across the country.

It was an engaging hour — All the women told personal stories of their special tea cups, and shared the triumphs and challenges faced within our worlds. Most importantly, we spoke on why we took the leap to serve our communities.

I am lucky to be surrounded by these wonderful women who are uplifting and encouraging the legislative representatives of tomorrow!