“Slow Down We Our Children”

Last week, I checked on the “Slow Down We ❤️ Our Children” signs around our community.
Many constituents have reached out to our office raising their concerns about the speed of traffic in #ClaytonParkWest. They are very concerned about the safety of their children. Some have started petitions and are working with their councillors to look at options for calming traffic.
We are hoping that these signs will remind drivers in #ClaytonParkWest that there are many kids who are playing on those streets and may not be seen by drivers.
I am also hoping drivers will pay attention and slow down on these streets as we truly love our kids and want them to be able to play safely and limit the dangerous risk of accidents.
When we deliver the signs we have asked the constituent to monitor the signs and let our office know if they break or are damaged. Our summer student, Michele, will be happy to fix or replace these signs.
We will ensure that these signs will not add to the litter in our riding.