Solar Electricity Buildings Program

On Monday morning, Energy and Mines Minister MLA Derek Mombourquette Sydney-Whitney Pier announced two successful applicants to the Solar Electricity Buildings Program; two of which are right here in Clayton Park West. The Trustees of First Baptist Church and the Rockingham Pastoral Charge will both be part of this wonderful program which helps us achieve our ambitious goals for reducing emissions in Nova Scotia.

This government program will help community non-profit organizations add solar energy to their buildings and sell the energy generated to their local electricity utility under a 20-year contract. These local organizations are given the ability to benefit from our cleaner energy future. They will be able to sell the clean, renewable electricity they generate to their local utility, all while reducing emissions for all of us.

I am so happy that two of the recipients are right here in our community. The First Baptist Church is very excited to have solar heating as part of their new building when they relocate in 2020. They both should be so proud of this work they are doing that will help us reach our goals together.