The AtWork/Au travail program helps individuals that struggle with mental illness

Do you feel down in the mornings, not wanting to go to work? Do you find yourself not wanting to do anything?

Having good mental health means generally feeling good and being able to cope with everyday life at home and at work.

Mental health issues refer to any type of condition that affects a person’s behavior, mood or thinking.

Mental illness can cover anything from mild anxiety to severe depression, or ADHD.
Do not worry, there is a program to aid these battles: The AtWork/Au travail program helps individuals identifying with mental health issues to find meaningful, full capacity employment.

Their goal is to help you connect and effectively work with safe employers across Nova Scotia.

The program offers:

1. Wage subsidies
2. Educational supports
3. Coaching options

For more information

You can call: 1-877-466-6606 (Extension 302)