**Twenty New Cases of COVID-19 in Nova Scotia**

Nova Scotia now has 147 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

As reported yesterday, public health has concluded that one case is the result of transmission within the community.

However, most cases are connected to travel or a known case.

Nova Scotians are urged to strictly adhere to the public health orders and directives:

-Practice good hygiene
-Maintain a physical distance of two metres or six feet from others
-Limit essential gatherings to no more than five people
-Stay at home as much as possible

Four individuals are currently in hospital, while ten individuals have now recovered; their cases of COVID-19 are considered resolved.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone who has traveled outside Nova Scotia must self-isolate for 14 days.

Anyone in the province who develops symptoms of acute respiratory illness should limit their contact with others until they feel better.

If they are concerned about COVID-19 they can go to https://811.novascotia.ca/ and use the online assessment tool.

Anyone referred to an assessment site by 811 will be tested.

To date, Nova Scotia has 5,763 negative test results and 147 confirmed cases.

Today’s update will be livestreamed at 3 p.m. on https://novascotia.ca/stayinformed/webcast, @nsgov Facebook and YouTube channels.

A state of emergency was declared under the Emergency Management Act on March 22nd, and remains in effect until noon, April 5th.