Visit to Eye Level Learning Centre

I was thrilled to visit Eye Level Learning Centre today, located at 30 Farnham Gate Road.
This location is the first in Atlantic Canada and I am so happy that they chose Clayton Park West as their home!
The centre offers Math and English programs; and emphasizes the importance of analytical and critical thinking for youth.
A student can pick one subject and visit the centre for one hour, each week.
The student also receives a specific program based on his or her ability (Grades Primary to 11).
The first Eye Level Centre was in Seoul, South Korea (1976). Today, it has expanded to over 21 countries — with over 2 million students enrolled.
Zeina Klayme (CA) and I received a tour of the gorgeous, colourful space — that I know students will find incredibly helpful and fun! And the staff is so lovely, kind and hospitable.
The two directors are both immigrants from India, and come with a wealth of knowledge and skills.
I am incredibly proud to have these educated, hard-working people enrich the riding… and that they are providing these wonderful services to further educate our children.
This is just one of many success stories for immigrants to find inspirational when coming to Canada!
Thank you to Manisha Talluri and Poorna Kamireddy for hosting us today. I was honoured to present your business with a certificate, and to cut the ribbon for your new opening.