‘WILD’ Art Exhibition

I was happy to attend the ‘WILD’ art exhibition and opening reception yesterday afternoon at the Nova Scotia Archives in support of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. This was for their ‘Save the Wild Blue Campaign.’

The funds from this exhibition will support the Nova Scotia Nature Trust in raising the $2 million needed to purchase the land, which is marked in yellow (please view map in album). It is also vital to connecting the provincial land that has been designated and preserved as a BMBCL wilderness area.

I encourage all art lovers and nature lovers to attend this art exhibition that is running from February 8th to the 28th.

Within the album are photos and samples of the magnificent work of 10 artists.

Thank you to Diana Whalen, the BMBCLS volunteers and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust team who spoke today, and for putting this event together.

I am very encouraged by the hard work of the Friends of the Blue Mountain and Birch Cove Lakes Society, and their vision for the regional park.